No matter your level of performance, Diamond Catch by Tony Sands is designed to take your game to the next level! A multi-sport training device, Diamond Catch employs muscle memory to ensure athletes are using proper form and technique when catching or volleying. Incorporating Diamond Catch into weekly training routines for 30-minutes 3 times per week will increase player performance. As time progresses, hand placement will become automatic and accurate. 

A former NFL player, Tony Sands is currently one of the leading athletic trainers. Through years of experience and research, Diamond Catch has been carefully crafted for player safety and improved athletic performance. Tony Sands is committed to the quality of the Diamond Catch product and stands by its use as an innovative training device. Available in 3 sizes, S, M, L, Diamond Catch is effective for training football, soccer (goalies), and volleyball athletes to properly catch and volley. 

Diamond Catch is being recognized by users as a must have training tool. For example, Troy Scheer, father and youth league coach in Flower Mound, Texas recently stated, "Without question this tool works! I've been using Diamond Catch with my 12-year-old son. His catching has improved tremendously!" Steve Quinn, VP of Player Development, US Army All American Bowl, Football University said, "Using Diamond Catch with my two young boys for the past 12 months has taught them at an early age how to properly catch a football. this has given them a competitive advantage on the field and when competing for a position. I would recommend the Diamond Catch to athletes just starting out to athletes that have been playing for years. Bottom line is it works!" 

Visit to learn more, request information or place orders. If you're in the South Florida area and would like a product demonstration by Tony Sands, please email to schedule an appointment.

Let Diamond Catch take you to the next level! Get yours today! 

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 “5 P’s to Success-Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! Get yourself a Diamond Catch!”- Tony Sands



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