Diamond Catch

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Diamond Catch has paved the way as the leading choice in muscle memory athletic training for football catching. This revolutionary patent pending device teaches correct hand placement while catching a football in the diamond or punt return. Diamond Catch is renown for its ease of use, and delivers results  in a very short period of repetitive use during catching practice. Professional and student athletes alike are training with this device to reinforce muscle memory  and arrange hands in the desired catching configuration.

Legendary US celebrity and NFL athlete professional trainer Tony Sands invented Diamond Catch to teach people proper methodology of catching a football. He has helped countless athletes dramatically increase catching percentages, including children in grade school, high school and college aged athletes, as well as professional athletes. Catching a football properly requires athletes to keep their eyes focused on the front of the ball and catching it with the fingers, not the palms, to reduce impact as the ball approaches a moving target. Football is one of the most fast-paced sports, and the ball itself moves at incredibly high rates of speed and force. Training muscle memory to catch the ball with the  finger tips at the first point of impact, towards the front of the ball, dramatically helps slow down the ball as it approaches an athlete's core. Diamond Catch is the most effective tool every football athlete needs to eliminate improper catching methodology and is quickly spreading across football fields and backyards across the nation.